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    Malaysian Hard-drive Lorry Hijacked

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    Originally published on January 23, 2014


    A lorry carrying hard disk drives worth of RM 4 million was hijacked by four men in Malaysia on Wednesday night (January 22).

    The 20-tonne lorry was robbed after departing from Western Digital Plant, a manufacturer of hard disk drives in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia at around 11:00 p.m. According to the Malay Mail, three cars, including a Hyundai Sonata, a Proton Waja and a BMW, were blocking the lorry 200 metres from the plant.

    Four men in their 20s jumped out from the vehicles. The windscreen was smashed by a parang, a machete-like knife which is commonly used in Malaysia and Indonesia. The driver was forced out of the lorry, which was then driven away by three hijackers. The remaining man escaped in a BMW, leaving two cars at the scene.

    The lorry driver was unharmed, but he was taken to a nearby hospital as he suffered from heart problems.

    Police confirmed that the two cars were reported missing in Kampung Subang. An investigation is underway but no arrests have been made.


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