World War II bomb found in Hong Kong



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Originally published on February 7, 2014


A World War II era bomb was found on Hong Kong island late Thursday (February 6). A construction worker discovered a bomb while digging at a site on Queen's Road East on Hong Kong island on February 6th. The construction site where the bomb was found is located near the Happy Valley area that's home to Hong Kong's horse racing track.

The workers were digging in a basement level meant to be part of a new hotel complex in this upscale Hong Kong area when the ordinance, believed to be a U.S. Navy bomb, was discovered.

The bomb was found buried in the earth vertically, and was almost certainly dropped on Hong Kong by allied forces during World War II.

Police said the bomb is believed to be a two-meter-long, 2000 pound American ordnance used against Japanese forces during the World War II occupation of Hong Kong from 1941 to 1945, a period during which Hong Kong was heavily bombed.

A 500 meter cordon around the bomb was set up and thousands were evacuated as bomb disposal experts moved in. Reports say the experts will first determine the bomb's condition and decide whether it can be moved or if it must be detonated on site.

Unexploded World War II bombs have been found at former battle sites around the world. As the bombs age, their fuses become unstable, and unintended detonations have led to fatal accidents. A shell fired by British forces was found at Hong Kong's the Peak last November and was detonated in a controlled explosion with no injuries reported in that incident.


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