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    Russian President to comment on Crimea referendum


    by PressTV

    No words of congratulations and no official statement yet... The day after Crimea has voted in a controversial referendum towards joining Russia, Moscow has announced that Vladimir Putin will address the Russian Parliament at the Kremlin on Tuesday where he will comment on Crimea. Moscow has already said that it would respect the choice of the Crimean people.

    Statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry:
    We recognize and respect the right of Crimea to decide its fate in accordance with the results of a free expression of the will of its population in a 16 March 2014 referendum.

    The Kremlin maintains that the referendum, in which Crimea voted overwhelmingly in favour of the split from Ukraine, is legal and consistent with the right of self-determination. However, Kiev, the EU and the US condemn the vote as illegitimate and against the Ukrainian constitution. The EU and US have already applied visa bans and asset freezes on several Russian officials.

    On Monday, the Crimean parliament declared independence and asked the UN and all nations to recognize it as an independent state. It also asked Russia to accept it as part of the Russian Federation. And that's something that Moscow is expected to do within a short time.

    All eyes are now on Russia, and what steps it's gonna take next after the controversial referendum in Crimea voted towards secession of the autonomy from Ukraine. The crisis in Crimea might also have an affect on other regions in Ukraine, especially in the Southeast, that also want independence from Kiev.