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    روح الله 3-2

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    Abu Haydar

    von Abu Haydar

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    The exile of Imam Khomeini to Izmir, Turkey, is the worst of
    all violating Article 14 of the Constitution of Iran to the effect
    that no Iranian shall be sent into exile or forced to leave his
    residence to reside elsewhere, unless otherwise stipulated
    by the law. Charged with revolt, Imam has been under
    police surveillance since 1962. So, how can he be guilty of
    later provocation? This is rather more important, taking into
    account the practice of the Turkish government to accept a
    religious leader of so considerable caliber in its territory and
    keep him under control. We shall appreciate your investigation
    into the merit of the case and your decision thereon as the UN
    Charter stipulates."

    The Turkish government under pressure was obliged to transfer
    Imam to Iraq with collaboration of the Iranian regime. The
    Iraqi government agreed with such a transfer, provided that Iran
    had no right to intervene in the Imam's fate, freedom of activities
    length of his exile in Iraq.