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    Joey Essex tells heat about getting bitten by a monkey and meeting a "creepy-sick" tribe


    by heatworld

    We spoke to Joey Essex exclusively earlier this week and he was keen to tell us all about his new show Educating Joey Essex.
    Snazzy name, eh?
    Educating Joey Essex features the reem star getting in all sorts of japes during a recent trip to Africa to meet his favourite animal -- the monkey.
    Oh, and not only did he meet a whole host of furry buddies, he also got bitten by one.
    But it wasn't just primates he was making pals with -- Joey, 23, also met a "creepy-sick" tribe who threw spears at him.
    Ouchie... again.
    But despite having this life-changing experience, Joey's still the same old Joey we know and love.
    Speaking to Daybreak this morning, Joey admitted that he thought Soweto in South Africa was a chain of supermarket: "I thought he said Waitrose!"
    And on the home comforts he missed when travelling around Africa, Joey said: "They haven't got wifi anywhere out there!"
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