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Hudge & Benson Ft. Steven Berso - Walking In The Rain - Mysterious Mix

il y a 4 ans131 views

By pure coincidence, because of a mutual friend (Steven Berso world famous singer) meet in Italy, precisely in Milan, two of the stronger DJ producers in the deep house genre of the moment, their real names ... . top secret for the time being, one based in Miami and the other in Detroit, decide to join forces for the occasion and put together a deep track, result ... Walking in The Rain track explosive and devastating say the least! Coming soon remix of international teams specialized in the genre, supported by: Danko Garret, Rosario Nunez, Jamie Jones, Deep Clyden, Solomun, Sky Dropp, Nic Jaar, Dennis, Darku Frazz, Ferrer, Flour, soul clap and many more - YourDancefloorTV – (Re)Discover your Dance greatest hits - YourDancefloorTV is your channel for all the best Dance music. Find your favorite tracks and artists and experience the best of Dance music. Subscribe for free to stay connected to our channel and easily access our video updates! - YourDancefloorTV: http://www.dailymotion.com