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    Let us never forget Verdun


    par pumpkinpie

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    Ce n'est pas grave. :)

    Par pumpkinpieIl y a 9 ans
    I never said that there were. I only stated that the words New York are on the memorial building located there and that there are many monuments throughout France thanking the US and other countries for their aid in liberating France. I wanted to remind my fellow countrymen that France is thankful for the aid that was given during this time because typically Americans don't feel that the French are. Obviously, these Americans have never visited France.

    Verdun was a battle between the French and the Germans. I didn't say otherwise.

    I am proud of the French that stood their ground for France which is now my country as well.
    Par pumpkinpieIl y a 9 ans
    Paul H.
    Great posting. Love your comments on the French people. I could not agree with you more. Unfortunately, people like Bill O'Reilly of Fox News and other do not know their history. Great to see that you and other do.
    Par Paul H.Il y a 9 ans
    I am sorry but I am not comfortable emailing the video because there is an image where my children are shown. The images (pictures) are my personal property and I don't know how you are planning on using this video. You may blog it or email it to others from Daily Motion.

    Or, you can contact me at myfrenchwindow (@) gmail (.) com and let me know exactly what it is that you are planning on using the video for. Perhaps I can share some of the pictures with you if I were to understand what you are using them for and proper credit is given to me.

    Thank you,
    Par pumpkinpieIl y a 10 ans
    pouvez vous m'envoyez cette video ?
    Par florent92350Il y a 10 ans