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In this edition: the Malaysian Airlines mystery fuels conspiracy theories; online campaigners win battle for a lifesaving drug for a little boy; and some South African women shave their heads in solidarity with a friend.

This video has been viewed some 150,000 times since being uploaded to YouTube last week and suggests missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 which disappeared over a week ago has landed on one of the many disused airports in Vietnam, that the 239 people on board are being held hostage, and terrorists are going to use the aircraft to carry out a 9/11 style attack… this is just one of the conspiracy theories currently doing the rounds online…
With the media and Malaysian authorities providing conflicting or very little reasonable information, a growing number of web users have been making their own guesses regarding the mystery of the missing plane. Some social networkers are suggesting the plane was hijacked and diverted to North Korea. It wouldn’t be a first, reminds the site Vocativ.com as Pyongyang had done just that in 1969.
Another theory put forward by naturalnews.com : the plane inadvertently flew through a teleportation portal and is now in another dimension …. It`s highly unlikely says the site but worth considering.
A somewhat outlandish theory which kind of ties in to another very popular explanation as to why flight MH370 has totally vanished: UFO abduction. This very possibility has been proffered by, amongst others, a shaman. Quoted by pro-government Malaysian daily the New Straits Times, as saying the plane has been hijacked by elves and is currently suspended in mid-air…
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