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    How to Coach Nonprofits: Listening to Future Leaders



    How to Coach Nonprofits: Listening to Future Leaders
    The Alliance for Nonprofit Management - New Jersey Institute of Technology
    In 2007, funding partners in one community responded to research regarding an impending leadership crisis in the sector by establishing the “Emerging Nonprofit Leaders”  program (ENLP), a dynamic 8-month experience for the next generation of nonprofit leaders.   The session will begin with brief discussion of the challenges related to retention of next generation talent and succession planning.  Presenters will offer a review of the program design and a participatory module on the individual leadership coaching component of ENLP.  Through experiential learning techniques, participants will gain insight the leadership models utilized in the program.  Highlights of evaluation data will be provided, as will preliminary results of the summer 2013 study of longer-term outcomes. Participants will have the opportunity to share some of the evidence-based practices in their own communities and to discuss how they might apply aspects of ENLP in their localities.