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    Bulls Eye by Wolf's Magic - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    The performer hands the spectator a small dartboard for examination.
    It is returned and the spectator is handed an INVISIBLE DART!
    No worries, it has a safety tip! A challenge is made as to who can come closest to hitting a BULLS-EYE!
    The spectator throws the invisible dart at the board and...BULLS-EYE!!
    A DART VISIBLY APPEARS in the Center!
    Wait! You have not won yet!
    The performer takes his Invisible Dart and throws it at the board as ANOTHER DART VISIBLY APPEARS in the Center of the other side!

    Custom made Darts with Aluminum Bodies, Magnetic Tips and true Dart Flights! A Visual Stunner and great fun!!

    Velvet Drawstring Bag Included

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