Tiny sponges close up gunshot wound in 15 seconds

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Originally published on February 6, 2014

An Oregon startup company called RevMedx has invented pocket-sized tubes filled with tiny sponges that help seal gunshot wounds in just 15 seconds.

Tiny sponges made from wood pulp and coated with chitosan, a substance found in shrimp shells, are biocompatible, fast expanding, and capable of stopping bleeding. The syringe comes in 30 millimeter and 12 millimeter sizes.

By inserting the syringe into the wound and injecting tiny sponges as close to the artery as possible, the sponges can expand to fill the entire wound cavity to stop heavy bleeding and won't be pushed back out of the body.

Each sponge has a X-shaped marker on it which can be detected by X-ray machines to prevent them from being accidentally left inside the body.


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