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    Blake Griffin vs NBA: Jermaine O'Neal has beef with Griffin too

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    Why do so many NBA players have beef with Blake Griffin lately? Warriors forward Jermaine O'Neal got in Clippers forward Blake Griffin's face outside the Clippers' locker room after the Clippers 111-98 win on Wednesday night.

    Apparently the two had a pretty heated conversation that was broken up by a Clippers assistant coach who led Griffin to the adjacent news conference room. Griffin was in the hallway in front of the locker room posing for some pictures. O'Neal walked down the hallway past Griffin, but then turned around and came back and had some words for Blake.

    Quite a few players have been getting into it with Blake this year. Griffin is a really physical player and it looks like teams have figured out it's pretty easy to get him worked up. Griffin likes pushing and jawing which can be problematic for the Clippers. Part of the reason things have gotten so physical lately is that teams just have no answer for stopping Griffin.

    A month ago against the Miami Heat, Griffin was given a helping hand by center Greg Oden after he drove to the hole and tried to dunk the ball. By helping hand, we mean Oden shoved Griffin off the court while Griffin was in mid-air.

    On Monday, Griffin was battling for rebound position with Suns forward P.J. Tucker when Griffin went all WWE on Tucker. Griffin basically fell on Tucker with his entire body's weight. Tucker returned the favor by giving Griffin a quick punch to the face.

    Wonder who's going to beef with Griffin next. Bets?


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