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S. Nakamura10 presents Hisato Sato ~06' Season Review~!

il y a 11 ans690 views



Hisato Sato [佐藤 寿人], the striker of the Japanese team "Sanfrecce Hiroshima" [サンフレッチェ広島] and of the Japan National Team [20/3].

Born the 12th March 1982 in Saitama City [Tokyo], Hisato started his professional career in 2000 with JEF United Ichihara Chiba [ジェフユナイテッド市原・千葉].
Frustrated by a little playing-time, he decided to move to Cerezo Osaka [セレッソ大阪] for the season 2002 but because of health problems and hard competition, he didn't played too a lot of matchs (only 13 games for 2 goals).

One year after, Hisato joined Vegalta Sendai [ベガルタ仙台] in J-League 1 and he finally succeed to affirm his talent by scoring 20 goals in 44 matchs in two seasons despite the relegation of his team at the end of the season 2003.

In 2005, he signed a contrat with Sanfrecce Hiroshima and he shows quickly as an indispensable part of the eleven start of Hiroshima by scoring 18 goals for his first season, and 18 others for the second. One of my favourite players, it is now definitively sure that Hisato Sato is one of the best forwards in Japan, if not the best.
This video relate his season 2006.
GO GO Sanfuretche!

Music: X Japan - Blue Blood

Another link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcY_hAiqHRI

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S. Nakamura10 presents Hisato Sato ~06' Season Review~!
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