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    Russia blocks resolution on Crimea


    by PressTV

    Russia has vetoed a draft UN Security Council resolution endorsed by the United States that declares the secession referendum in Ukraine’s Crimea "illegal."

    The resolution received 13 votes in the 15-member Security Council. China abstained.

    According to the resolution, the Western-backed Ukrainian government in Kiev does not support the referendum.

    The Security Council has held six prior meetings on Ukraine in less than two weeks. However, it has been unable to take any move due to Russia’s veto power.

    Moscow, which has deployed military forces to Crimea, is backing the referendum.

    The United States circulated the draft resolution to the UN Security Council on March 13, urging member states not to recognize the results of the referendum.

    Pro-Russian population of Crimea is seeking to break away from Ukraine, which is now controlled by the pro-Western authorities.