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    Être Humain Jamal

    par Être Humain Jamal

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    pop music 1979
    Par quadricolorIl y a 7 ans
    Être Humain Jamal
    I say for a 35 year old you are young in your heart and your mind and me, i am young 39 year old and i like humor, life, love, smile and good positive vibration...
    ...It's verry important for me, for my evolution in this world...just living for help somebody people like unity inside in heart...the world it's one country and everybody it's human bin, thanks you meadowbloom for your positive spirit and maybe see you to later ;))
    Par Être Humain JamalIl y a 9 ans
    I can't be this old, love this song and video- even have the vinyl, mint condition. What does that say for a 35 year old? Thanks for posting this!
    Par meadowbloomIl y a 9 ans