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    9 crimes


    par luluc88

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    Thanks again !
    Good to know you'll probably make a video. We don't have the same way to work but that's normal. Everyone is different I guess! ;) Good luck for your vid ! See ya there!
    Par luluc88Il y a 9 ans
    Alright. I thought that I may have had to buy certain expensive equipments to start. Luckily, I do have Windows Movie Maker. I was checking it out and it doesn't seem so bad.
    In fact it doesn't seem that difficult either, if I dare say. I hope I haven't cursed myself now- haha.
    So, thanks for help!

    I am the opposite of you. When I think of a scene that I really like, I match it up with other scenes in my head. And start to think about what song would be appropriate, and what effects should be done.

    But anyways, if I ever do make my own video.
    I’ll make sure you’re the first to know.
    …after all, it’s you who has helped.
    Take Care :)
    ...and keep up the good work!
    Par lou_lou_Il y a 9 ans
    Magic world
    This video is very beautiful !!! You are very good !!!
    This video is super !!! :D
    See my videos By AeFa
    Par Magic worldIl y a 9 ans
    Thank you !
    Well, I think you should start with a song you really like and you know very well, and then with one of you favorite show/film. When we love something, it's always easier to do something about it ! ;) If you have windows movie maker, it's really easy to use it.
    Bye, and thanks again ! :)
    Par luluc88Il y a 9 ans
    Well, you are good and I tell nothing but the obvious truth.
    I have always wanted to start making my own videos, but I don't know where to begin.
    Do you have any suggestions?
    Par lou_lou_Il y a 9 ans
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