Red Nose Day 2007 Ricky Gervais In Kenya

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haha _ I like these things, just goood
By isabelq2o 4 years ago
The man is a genius
By WESTHAMRUSS 8 years ago
British humour at its best! These sorts of things have always been cyclical: first a well meaning ex-celebrity undertakes a cause, which gains them notice of the media, at which point the celebrities jump on board to use the cause as a platform for their ongoing high profile. The cause raises money, attracts sponsors, becomes monetized, attracts advertisers, becomes compromised, becomes capitolized, and either corrupted, or loses out to the next rising cause du jour. This sketch breaks that cycle by catching this arc at its highest peak of self aggrandizement and bursting the bubble of self-importance and narcissism. Fabulous!
By cityartist 8 years ago
plus cant belive Bob took part
By Smellos99 8 years ago
Its funny......but when i thought about it
By Smellos99 8 years ago
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