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    What is the Elixir of Achieving Your Highest Goals

    Coach Steve Toth

    by Coach Steve Toth

    SELF EVOLUTION CHANNEL: Bev Flaxington the host of Human Behavior Coach TV interviews Melanie Bragg to talk about the elixir of achieving your highest goals -- and why taking that elixir is worth the effort. Melanie has wisdom to share -- she started writing "The Story of My Life" at age seven on her mother's typewriter and eventually moved to a successful legal career. She is now author of the bestselling fiction novel, Crosstown Park. Melanie and Bev will talk about how staying close to your deepest heart desires, having faith you will get there, and never giving up makes all the difference in the world. As always, the show will be packed with actionable steps you can take to get on path to your dreams! Fund this show for Public Television here: