Sting vs Hogan Starrcade 97 PRT1

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The Biggest Match in wrestling history


WCW From 1996-1998 = :)
By Louis Smith 5 years ago
that sting entrance is still one of the most captivating moments ever during that era. he was the most popular back than then anybody at that period. If only sting and the undertaker would of had a crossover promotional match, it would be called the battle of the dark warrior's or some shit.
By bookerju 5 years ago
Why Isn't Bobby Heenan Calling the Match?
By Jessy Leppert 6 years ago
this was by far the most electric-fying match, i seen in my day when wrestling was king.
By Jordan 6 years ago
sting the best wwe sucks
By graca 6 years ago
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