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    Lisa - Cure for Boredom 6! Openings


    by Lisa

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    Well, I was bored again. You know what that means. ^_^
    This one is different then the others (ie. not funny) though I did try to make it a little clever (Evangelion & Rahxephon switching songs same with Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star) But mostly I just picked my favorite anime opening songs and put them to diffent anime. This is my longest amv yet! I really didn't plan it but I have too many favorite songs.

    I would like to thank my cousin Joyce for letting me 'borrow' her idea to make a CfB with just anime songs ^_^;

    Ok, here is the list of songs and anime used in order:
    1. Bleach 3rd opening - Full Metal Alchemist
    2. Full Metal Alchemist 2nd opening - FLCL
    3. Naruto opening GO!! by Flow - Bleach
    4. Tenchi Muyo TV opening - Naruto
    5. Rahxephon opening - Evangelion
    6. Evangelion opening - Rahxephon
    7. Inuyasha 4th opening - Card Captor Sakura
    8. Escaflowne opening - Ah! My Goddess the movie
    9. Eureka 7 2nd opening (my favorite) - Samurai Champloo
    10. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig (whew) opening - Appleseed the movie
    11. Gundam Wing Rythm Emotion - Macross Zero
    12. Outlaw Star opening - Cowboy Bebop
    13. Cowboy Bebop opening - Outlaw Star
    Credits: A remix of the GITS:SAC opening
    Thanks for Watching!

    Made October 26, 2006