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    Titanfall release: Microsoft prays for a blockbuster

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    Move over Halo and Call of Duty, Titanfall is now in the building. Microsoft is banking on the game to become the next blockbuster to help boost already solid Xbox One sales.

    Microsoft is really excited with its newest game release Titanfall that hit stores Tuesday across the US. Titanfall is a first-person shooter that allows players to control jetpack-jumping, wall-running pilots that can also climb into some badass mech suits called Titans.

    Nearly all Microsoft retail stores scheduled Titanfall launch parties Monday night. They even invited quite a few celebrities to attend some of their midnight launch events. Seattle Seahawks, trash talking cornerback Richard Sherman was scheduled to show up at the University Village and Bellevue Square Microsoft stores.

    Titanfall is a next-generation first-person shooter game packed with action, weapons, and some crazy mech suits. It combines Call of Duty type play in a futuristic setting.

    Microsoft is hoping its exclusive deal with Titanfall will help its Xbox One sales. They are hoping that bundling the game together with the Xbox One console will give people extra incentive to buy the Xbox One. The game launches Tuesday in North America for Xbox One and Windows PCs. It launches March 25 for the Xbox 360.

    Thanks to Microsoft the game does have some drawbacks: A $60-a-year Xbox Live Gold subscription is required, you must be online and there's no single-player so you need to have friends.

    Microsoft thinks it will be able to sell a single-player add-on for extra money. Hopefully, after Titanfails, enough gamers will complain causing Microsoft to backtrack - again.


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