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    Dog keg stand gets two SUNY Brockport students arrested

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    Two SUNY Brockport students were arrested after a photo showing a dog being held in a 'keg stand' was posted to Twitter on Sunday.

    Shane Oliver and Robert Yates, both 20, were arrested on a misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty after authorities were able to trace the photograph to the school, and then the students. The photo clearly depicts Oliver holding the hind legs of the black Labrador Retriever puppy over a beer keg, while a pair of hands puts the tap in the animal's mouth.

    Yates then posted the photo to Twitter, marking it with '@SUNYpartystory', to attract the attention of the SUNY Party Stories account. The photo was shown on the feed, which features photos and videos taken at parties hosted by SUNY students across New York State.

    The dog, Mya, a 5-month-old puppy, did not belong to either Oliver or Yates, and was taken in by local authorities. Reports said the pet was not harmed in the incident and is doing well.

    Yates shut down his Twitter account and SUNY Party Stories removed the photo from its feed. Oliver and Yates will go to court on April 2.

    A keg stand is a method for consuming alcohol which is popular with college students in the United States. A drinker is held upside down over a beer keg and then drinks from the tap for as long as he or she is able, with the aim of getting drunk as quickly as possible. Normally, there are no dogs involved in this process, though a Google Image search indicates Mya is not the first canine victim of the ritual.


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