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    Bank robber gets arrested after posting selfie with submachine gun on Facebook

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    In a move likely to go down in crime fail history, bank robber Jules Bahler got himself arrested after posting Facebook selfies of himself brandishing a submachine gun allegedly used in a bank robbery, according to a report by investigative website The Smoking Gun.

    Bahler, who on Facebook goes by the moniker "King Romeo", allegedly robbed three Michigan banks earlier this year, netting a grand total of $15,000.

    During one of the robberies, the 21-year-old New Yorker, demanding money from a teller, reportedly waved around a black submachine gun.

    And he would've gotten away with all three burglaries, but the hairbrained thief figuratively shot himself in the foot.

    A police sergeant stumbled across Facebook photos of Bahler showing off what looked to be the very gun used in the crime and wearing clothes matching those worn by the suspect in all three robberies. Idiotically captioned, no less, with "Bought my first house And chopper today..lifes great."

    Bahler was promptly arrested and charged with bank robbery and carrying a firearm while committing a violent crime and no doubt faces serious jail time because of his stupidity.


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