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    Crazy stoned Southwest passenger grounds plane, loves Jesus

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    A Southwest Airlines passenger was arrested after he forced a flight to divert to Portland because he was acting really really crazy. Lemar Sheron Rogers boarded the flight in Seattle, and immediately demanded to be seated in first class, but the flight attendant told him there is no first class because its Southwest Airlines. He also refused to stow his luggage, declaring "I do what I want!"

    The plane had still not taken off when Rogers began pressing the call button repeatedly. When asked if it was an emergency, he said "Yeah! I need a f***ing drink!" He continued pressing the call button, cursing, and demanding alcohol all the way through take off until the plane was at cruising altitude. But when attendants wouldn't give him three glasses of wine at once, he screamed, "Get the f**k out of my face! Jesus loves you."

    Then Rogers demanded to see the pilot and began throwing up gang signs for Jesus" A scared flight attendant began boiling water as a weapon, in case Rogers ran for the flight deck. The pilot finally decided to divert to Portland. Where two port police hauled Rogers away, still ranting about Jesus.

    Rogers later admitted that before the flight he had been smoking "Purple Hash", a hashified derivative of extremely dank Purple Haze marijuana, now legal in Washington state.


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