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    Juliette Greco Feuilles Mortes eng. sub

    Thelma Thelma Blitz

    by Thelma Thelma Blitz

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    To the English speaking world this was Autumn Leaves, a hit song in the fifties,piano version by Roger Williams. The music of Kosma was carried on but the poetry of Jacques Prevert was lost. Here is the original interpreted by the beautiful Juliette Greco, muse of the
    existentialist, live in Berlin, 1967. Another verse exists which is not sung here. This song, made famous by Yves Montand, has recently been covered by counter tenor Martyn Jacques of the UK band Tiger Lillies. It was picked as the 8th most beautiful song in the French language in a recent internet poll.
    Subititle correction "C'est une chanson qui nous ressemble" should read, "It's a song that that ressembles us" which doesn't make sense to me. I heard it as "rassemble" which I thought meant "brings us together again.