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    'Vampire Trucker' Allegedly Kept Women as Sex Slaves

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    A truck driver based out of Utah is in serious legal trouble. 54-year-old Timothy Jay Vafeades has been accused of keeping sex slaves in his tractor trailer truck as he traveled across the country.

    "A truck driver from Utah is accused of keeping women as his sex slaves as he drove around the country." [WPTV]

    The women allege they were each held against their will for several months by Timothy Jay Vafeades. One of the women was a 19-year-old relative of Vafeades. In November of last year, a routine scale inspection revealed the young woman was a passenger in Vafeades’ truck.

    Authorities learned the suspect had an active protection order against him. The protected person mentioned in the paperwork was the same relative seated next to him.

    According to Vafeades’ arrest warrant, the kidnapped 19-year-old traveled from Florida last May to work with him. Once she arrived in Utah, he made it clear she would not be returning home.

    During the time spent with him, the related victim claimed she was strangled and forced to have sex with Vafeades over 100 times. Another allegation is that the suspect chipped down her teeth and wore his own fake set to make them resemble vampire fangs.

    After the story broke, another woman came forward claiming she too had been kidnapped last April, sexually assaulted and taken on the road against her will until July when officers at a Nebraska weigh station saw her bruises.

    Police later found Vafeades' hard drive loaded with explicit images of children. Vafeades is now in jail on charges of ‘possession of child pornography’, ‘transportation for illegal sexual activity’ and ‘kidnapping’.