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    3-Year-Old Saves Pregnant Mother's Life After Unlocking Smartphone

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    3-year-old Aryanna Lynch of Massachusetts was recently awarded at the Weymouth police station for her role in saving her mother’s life.

    3-year-old Aryanna Lynch of Massachusetts recently received an award at the Weymouth police station for her role in saving her mother’s life. On February 10th at about 2 in the morning, Aryanna’s father, Kevin, drove himself to the hospital after coming down with a nasty stomach bug.

    Several hours later, Aryanna’s mom, who was eight months pregnant became ill. While her hubby was still at the hospital, Tiffany Lynch felt very dizzy and fell off the couch.

    She was unconscious for about 20 minutes. All the while, her two young children, Aryanna and her 1-year-old sibling were at home. Realizing something was very wrong, Aryanna grabbed her mom’s cellphone and unlocked the password to call a family member.

    The fact that she was able to unlock the phone by drawing a picture is quite amazing as her parents never taught her how to do it. Aryanna scrolled through her mother’s contacts and left a message on her cousin’s phone, explaining what happened to her mom and asking for help.

    Once the message was received, the relative dialed 911. Paramedics arrived at the home and brought Tiffany to the hospital. There, it was discovered Tiffany encountered a seizure due to severe dehydration.

    She is now back to health and the baby is due at any moment. As for Aryanna, she received a safety award from the police department, a basket overfilling with toys and a scholarship to a preschool for her lifesaving act.