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    Salman Khan Was Hrithik Roshan's Personal Trainer !

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    by Moviez Adda

    While we have a constant race of Bollywood celebrities struggling to craft their bulky bodies, here's an unusual fact that has now come to the light! Digging through some past reports, we learn that our superhero Hrithik Roshan's initial gym trainer was none other than heartthrob Salman Khan! Yes, this 48-year old actor who is ever ready to go shirtless flaunting his abs was once a physique guide to Hrithik! Such a kind bud Salman....However, this gym bonding could last only up till Hrithik's debut film Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, after which, it was a cordial part ways with both competing, on two different sides! So well, now you know the main pump behind our superhero comes from....seems like our much favorite Salman has left a mark in anyone and everyone... on this note, do tell us what do you think of this story in the comments section below and for more updates, don't forget to subscribe to Moviez adda