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    Douchebag Supercut: Titanic


    by askmen

    Yes, Billy Zane's affluent, narcissistic douchebag character in Titanic is named Caledon Hockley. How perfect is that? The perfect name for the perfect lowlife. (Sorry to any real-life Caledons out there.) Viewers become acquainted with Hockley's arrogance and immaturity by seeing how he treats his fiancé Rose. You could call it abusive on just about every front - emotional, psychological, even physical. It's no wonder Rose attempts to kill herself early on, before finding the love of her life in Leonardo DiCaprio's anti-douche character, Jack. Hockley spends the last hour of the movie bellowing threats at the lovestruck passengers while flailing through a crumbling ship and firing a pistol. Classic douche behavior. While we never get to see it, we're thankful Rose's narration informs us that Hockley winds up turning a pistol on himself. Good riddance!