Ryouko - They're Coming to Take Me Away!


by Bethany

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song: "They're Coming to Take Me Away" by Napoleon XIV
anime: Tenchi Muuyo!

This is another one of my brainchildren that is the result of a random idea for an AMV that popped into my head. I've always wanted to use this song for a video, but never knew what anime to use it for. And I've had the Tenchi Muuyo! OVA sitting around for a while, so I figured, why not? I'll wing it. ('Cause that's what I do best.) And wouldn't you know it, Ryouko ended being the subject of it.

BTW, feedback is mucho appreciated. (But be nice, boys and girls.)

View the high resolution version here on my AnimeMusicVideos.org profile: http://www.animemusicvideos.org/members/members_videoinfo.php?v=140625


mdrr bien en vrai!!! jador ce sont y fai delirer
By amane misa 6 years ago
Well done friend of Waco, but could you confirm that no Napoleon was hurt during the shooting of this animated movie.

A part ça, chanson phénoménale que je pensais oubliée par tous et - pour la énième fois - non, ce n'est pas Kim Fowley.
By doctor_strangelove 7 years ago
Just look it up on AltaVista.com (it has an mp3 search engine). Limewire would have it also, of course.
By Bethany 7 years ago
Hi Im looking for this song since years .... would you have it in MP3 ? Thanks
By Spector41 7 years ago