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    The story of how Veronica Mars the TV series came to be a film,is as interesting as the film itself. Warner Brothers agreed to release the film if the team could raise $2 million themselves. The team filmed a pitch at Lead Actress,Kristen Bell's home and posted a plea to fans on Kickstarter. In just ten hours they met their goal. In the end, fans pledged $5.7 million, enough for a 23-day shoot. And now their film is getting the release Warner Brothers promised. Fans of the TV show are sure to be thrilled by the film.
    As Led Zeppelin once promised, the song remains the same -- but this time they're throwing in a few extras. This summer, the group is reissuing their first three albums as deluxe editions packed with previously unreleased goodies. It's the first installment in what the band describes as an "extensive reissue program" of its nine studio albums that have been remastered by guitarist and producer Jimmy Page. Moreover, each record will come out as a single-disc remastered album or as a "Deluxe Edition" with a bonus disc of previously unreleased studio and live tracks that the group recorded around the time of the album. The new versions of "Led Zeppelin," "Led Zeppelin II" and "Led Zeppelin III" will all hit stores on June 3rd.
    Shailene Woodley is known for her hugs. The 22-year-old "Divergent" star gives hearty embraces — often more than one —to everyone she meets.
    "It's very disarming" said co-star Theo James in a recent interview. "She (first) hugged me at our test. Yeah, she's a big hugger."
    it's not just her co-stars who feel the love. Woodley also hugs nearly every journalist she meets during interviews or on a red carpet.
    Woodley and James star in the anticipated first film adaptation of the young adult trilogy by author Veronica Roth. "Divergent" follows 16-year-old Tris (Woodley) as she finds her place in a future dystopian society where people are separated into groups based on their virtues.
    Ashley Judd and Tony Goldwyn play Tris' parents in the film out March 21.
    Is Captain America finally ready to settle down? Maybe it's just the case of everyones-got-someone-but-me blues, but from our understanding, it really sounds like Chris Evans wants to settle down and have some kiddies of his own! In a recent interview with Glamour UK, the hunky actor explained what he wants in life, starting with marriage and then: I want children – to me that's the ultimate thing. When you're old and on your death bed looking back at your life, it's not going to be the films you've made or what you've accomplished, it's the relationships you have. He speaks the truth!