What Really Goes On In South Dakota

Susie Bright
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This is a quick but revealing TV spot on what the climate is in South Dakota that created the abortion ban. The highlight is about halfway through, when State Senator Bill Napoli describes in pornographic, sadistic details how "bad" a virgin would have to be raped in order for him to "make an exception."


This makes me very angry how a bunch of arrogant, authoritarian men think they can dictate rights over women's bodies. Taking away contraception and abortion simultaneously is a recipe for a disaster (abandoned children, broken relationships). Ughhhh... These Victorian attitudes have no place in modern society. The government (and neighbours) have no place to interfere in _private_ lives of citizens.
(for the record: I am male & libertarian)
By cassin123 8 years ago
Napoli brings out some good points. There is no reason for the child to have to die because the father isn't man enough to take care of him/her. Also, the mother they interviewed could explore the viable option of adopting her 3rd baby to a family that is willing to raise that boy/girl. In that manner, she doesn't have a dead child, her child has a loving home, and the adoptive parents have a child to love and care for, completing or growing their family. This is win-win-win situation. Aborting the child is a lose-lose-lose situation.
By Lawrence Reves 8 years ago
Also had no problems with the site. I am also appalled at this legislature, this decision, and the ground assumptions that lie beneath it. We are indeed not very far at all from Medieval attitudes toward female sexuality. My only comfort---and it's not much---is that there is now medication that allows women to take their reproductive decisions into their own hands.
By Laura Looch 9 years ago
I had no technical problems with this site. I have major problems with what is going on in South Dakota. These American men who want total control over women's bodies are just one step removed from Muslim men who keep their women in burka--because men can't control themselves. Pinch me--it's 2006!
By janeweed 9 years ago
This is a highly flawed site. I've spent 10 minutes trying to get to the speech in the middle, and it can't load enough data to play it, so it simply replays from the top. I'd like to share it with outhers, but it's so glitchy I can't.
By Joseph Byrd 9 years ago
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