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    St. Patrick's Day Characters: The Stranger


    by askmen

    Every so often, as you're hopping from bar to bar, celebrating whatever the hell the true meaning of St. Patrick's Day even is, you'll encounter The Stranger -- a guy who, in a drunken haze, somehow lost his entire group of friends. But if you think that's ending this dude's night, you better think again.

    Yes, this guy doesn't need his friends. He has you and your friends! So when you're talking with your buddies, ordering shots, maybe playing a game on the Megatouch machine, this dude's there. He's trying to infiltrate your group. His own friends be damned, no one's ruining this guy St. Patty's Day!

    With this dude, you gotta show a little tough love. You have enough friends, and, let's face it, you don't even really like some of then. You have no need for a hanger-on in your group. So when this chump asks which bar you're headed to next, lie. Just give a bald-faced lie. Or, better yet, when this guy hits the bathroom, maybe you and your buddies hit the road.