St. Patrick's Day Characters: The Buzzkill


by askmen

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While some people absolutely love St. Patty's Day, a celebration of all things Irish and inebriated, others actually loathe it. Much like every action has an equal and opposite reaction, every holiday has its detractors.

One common phrase used by the St. Patty's Day Hater is "This is amateur hour, man!" As if regularly, bars are filled by the best of the best, skilled professionals in the booze trade. But then on St. Patty's Day, their precious bar is jam-packed with puking, sweating, beer-spilling morons.

Is this guy technically wrong? Well, no, no he's not. But still, who wants to hang around Buzz Killington on St. Patty's Day, dammit!? If you're friends with the St. Patty's Day Hater, advise him to stay home, where he's free to sit atop his ivory tower in Boring Castle.