St. Patrick's Day Characters: Awful T-Shirt Guy


by askmen

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Awful T-Shirt Guy is all class. Let's go down the list. "Bang Me, I'm Irish." "Rub Me For Good Luck." "Kiss This, It's Irish Too," with an arrow pointed at his junk. This dude has completely given up on getting laid, and all he wants to do is get as wasted as possible as fast as possible. This guy is regularly fat, loud, sweats profusely and doesn't go home until last call. Like I said -- all class.

The thing about Awful T-Shirt Guy is that he wants -- nay, needs -- you to read the horrible pun on his t-shirt. After he's sufficiently soused, he usually walks around and makes goddamn sure that everyone in the bar realizes that his gut-busting shirt says "You've Seen My Shamrocks, Now See My Bed Rock."

You hate the shirt. I get it. Everyone gets it. But until you read this Spencer Gifts product, out loud, then afterwards pretend to laugh heartily, this guy's not going anywhere. Suck it up, congratulate this chump on his mid-March hilarity, then move on.