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    Cat That Held Family Hostage Undergoing Pet Anger Management

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    by Geo Beats

    A 22-pound cat named Lux is now undergoing therapy type sessions for anger issues after his scared owners called 911.

    Some pets aren't always the sweet little creatures they appear to be. Case in point – a 22-pound cat named Lux.

    The feline, from Portland Oregon, will reportedly receive therapy for his anger issues. Lux gained a little fame for a stunt he recently pulled at home.

    Lux attacked his owners' baby after the infant tugged on his tail. The kitty received a boot in the behind after he scratched the baby. Lux didn’t take well to the disciplinary measure and seemingly flew off the handle.

    Chaos ensued. Lux's owners scrambled to a bedroom inside the home for safety and dialed 911 for help. Lee Palmer, Teresa Barker, the couple's young son Jesse and even the family's dog were forced to wait in the bedroom until police arrived, as they feared a confrontation with the nasty kitty.

    While they took shelter in the room, Lux charged at the closed door. Officers were able to safely contain the kitty.

    At first, the family was unsure of what to do with Lux, but they’ve since decided to take him to a vet. They’ve also recruited a pet psychologist to evaluate Lux’s seemingly uncontrollable temper.