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Octopimp's got the origins of Respawn Entertainment for your viewing pleasure!

Written by Jared Rosen:

Voiced by Octopimp:

Animated by Scott Falco:


In 2002, Vince Zampella, Grant Collier and Jason West banded together to create Infinity Ward, where they produced a World War 2 shooter franchise with publisher Activision. Because of the size of the company and their lack of liquid capital, Activision bought a large share of the their stock in order for the team to finish work on Call of Duty, which released in 2003 to unprecedented financial success.

Though Activision hired on the rest of the Infinity Ward team, brewing tensions between the publisher, Zampella, and West reached a boiling point over the next seven years, and in 2010 Activision fired the pair for what was described as 'breaches of contract and insubordination.' Forty-six of Infinity Ward's senior employees left with them.

In April of that year, the pair formed Respawn entertainment and signed most of the 46 exiles to their team, this time partnering with EA to create an IP under the umbrella of their partner program, like Bungie had with Halo. Working with little financial capital and using old school modeling techniques to finish early assets, EA soon realized what the team had been working on and put the full force of their empire behind it, revealing Titanfall at E3 2013 and setting the video game world on fire. Now Zampella, West, and EA stand poised to release one of the definitive multiplayer shooters of the year, while simultaneously crushing the bodies of giant robots as well as the lifeless corpse of a rival shooting franchise they once so dearly loved.

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