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    French Model 1892 Bayonet, Second Pattern - Mannlicher-Berthier Bayonet


    by intoweapons

    French Model 1892 Bayonet, Second Pattern, 2nd or 3rd Variation
    aka Mannlicher-Berthier Bayonet (short-rifle)
    Made during WWI
    Most likely manufactured between 1915 and 1918
    Manufactured at Chatellerault
    Wood Grips
    Large Rivets
    15 1/2" blade
    Blood fullers on both sides and one on back edge (opposite of blade)
    Shortened quillion for cavalry
    Period all metal blued scabbard (no serial #)
    Stamped J C (J circled C circled)
    J = Sup. Officer: Lt. Col. Marc Jacquot, at Chatellerault 1914-1924
    C = Final Insp: Either
    1. Lt. Col. Charpy (1915-1918
    2. Col. Chatain (1912-1915)

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