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Gothic 3 - Best in-game-music ever

vor 11 Jahren8K views

The music of Gothic 3 is IMHO the best ever made for a game. While the score in Myrtana with its forrests and grassy plains uses a full-sized symphony orchestra and choires, the atmosphere in Varant, the desert / arabic part of the Gothic world, is in big parts created by a beautiful ethnic music. I haven't been to Northmar, the icy part in the game, yet, only a few steps. But when I , heading north eraly in the game, had the first bit of snow under my feet, that scary Northmar piper-music started playing and I almost pissed my pants :). Too weak for this part of Gothic, I understood and turned south.

I made the video using the music playing in Ishtar, city in the far west of Varant, but you actually see the city of Mora Sul, which is my favourit City in Varant.

Used fraps ans windows movie maker.

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Gothic 3 - Best in-game-music ever
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