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    More violence on the streets of Caracas as Venezuelan President Maduro stands firm

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    More clashes between protesters and troops in the Venezuelan capital have left three people dead. It raises the death toll to 25 from a month of daily demonstrations.

    Violence began on Wednesday when National Guard troops blocked opposition marchers from leaving a main square to head towards government buildings.

    Protesters complained at their treatment by the security forces, saying they should be defending the demonstrators not attacking them.

    Opposition protesters may want President Nicolas Maduro to quit due to his handling of the economy, but the president still enjoys strong support.

    Addressing a pro-Maduro rally, the president said: “I am obliged by my constitutional responsibility to take special measures, which I will take to the heart of this attack by fascists. I’m obliged and nobody is going to bully me.”

    Maduro accuses his critics of trying to lead a coup. But with strong support among the poor, who have benefited from health and education reforms, Maduro is going nowhere.