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    Hyundai To launch First Battery-Powered Electric Car In 2016 !

    Indian Drives

    by Indian Drives

    EVs are the new talk of town, and Hyundai doesn't wants to stay back there as well. To its confirmation, Hyundai's chief from Korea has reported to be developing an EV soon, meant to be launched in twenty sixteen.
    However, the details of Hyundai's battery-operated car are not very clear right now, but it can be said, the upcoming Hyundai EV will share a lot of cues from KIA.
    Hope so, it is better to stay mouth-shutted till any further confirmation arrives; but let us inform you, Hyundai is quite busy with its fuel-cell hydrogen cars, so the next project that is about to take place, will happen only after its completion. Till then, stay glued to our channel, and do mention your comments in the box below...