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    And they have said, "Be Judaic or Nasara, (Christian) (then) you shall be guided." Say, "No, indeed, (but) it is the creed of Ibrahim, (Abraham) the unswervingly (upright, ) (i.e. veering away from idolatry) and in no way was he one of the associators. (i.e. those who associate others with' Allah).

    Say (O Muslims), "We have believed in Allah, and whatever has been sent down to us, and whatever was sent down to Ibrahim, and Ismail, and Ishaq and Yaaqub (Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac and Jacob, respectively) and the Grandsons, (i.e., the Tribes) and whatever was brought down to Musa and Isa, (Moses and Jesus, respectively) and whatever was brought to the Prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and to Him we are Muslims."

    So, in case they believe in the like of whatever you have believed in, then they are readily guided; and in case they turn away, then surely they are only in
    opposition; so Allah will soon suffice you (for defence) for them; and He is The Ever-Hearing, The Ever-Knowing. Quran[2:135-137]

    Is life just a game? Is the only purpose of life to get married have kids and make money? You Deserve to Know. Realise your purpose through ISLAM before it's too late. Have you got any questions about ISLAM? then come to for a one to one chat.
    Par RealisethetruthL'année dernière
    make more videos they're good! .. btw anyone wannt to chat?? ...!
    Par littlegirl1234Il y a 5 ans
    il a un flow ki tueeeee
    Par vivi31500Il y a 7 ans
    kel bogossssssssss
    Par vivi31500Il y a 7 ans
    Par vivi31500Il y a 7 ans
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