Clara e Marina 21 (Subtitle English)

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19 comentários

vanessa is so funny
Por francescahw em dezembro
After seeing this, I have to say that Cadu is basically silly or too simple (sorry for men XD) but really, if you cannot buy anything for your wife, what kind of husband are you? A shitty husband that's it! Like, he really has to ask someone else to pick a gift! Da fuq! I used to like a little bit Cadu cause i didn't think everything that was happening was his fault… but now i see a sexist man, who barely listens to his wife and when finally someone desires Clara, he realizes that, maybe and only maybe, she is his perfect match. Definitely, now I want Clarina yes or yes
Por saranghaepop19 em maio
thank u for eng subs.. love you gals.. too bad they cut off marina & cadu's scene.. i love to see Marin's awkward face when she chooses Lingerie for Clara.. feel sorry though for clara.. her man really doenst understand her.. plus no job.. ayayayay i loveee Marina's reluctant face LOL.. marin's thought: "actually I'm choosing for the love of my life but cannot share it with me".
Por Lisa G Maroon em março
The vote is still at 80% for Marina!
Por MySapphicLife em março
marina's face is priceless but vanessa face was hilarious LOL
Por Vivian Anya88 em março
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