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روح الله 1-3

vor 11 Jahren355 views

The atrocities of the Shah's martial law during these days
and the support of the masses gave Imam Khomeini were
reflected in the foreign press. Although the western press,
especially the imperialist papers, have never been able or
willing to appreciate the struggles of the oppressed people
of the world to rid themselves of the yoke of Colonialism,
the 15th of Khordad uprising and the leadership of Imam
Khomeini made a great impression on them which could
not be overlooked.

The strike was broken and the bazaar reopened when the
people received the news that Imam was well and in
good health. Nearly two months later, he was transferred
from prison to SAVAK owned house in Davoodiyeh. This
lessened public tension.

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روح الله 1-3
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