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روح الله1-2

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The Imam's Arrest
This crushing speech caused the Shah to fly into a rage.
On the night of the 15th of Khordad, troops besieged Qom
and rushed to the Imam's home and he was taken to Tehran
where he was held in custody in the Qasr prison. He was
later transferred to the Ishrat Abad Garrison. The next day
the people in Qom rushed to the streets and led by Haj-Mustafa
Khomeini, the Imam's son, shouted the slogan: "Either Death
or Khomeini!". In Tehran the people demonstrated shouting
for his immediate release from prison. The bazaar and the
university in Tehran were closed down. Troops opened fire
on the people; casualties were heavy. Despite the security
crackdown, the next day, (the 16th of Khordad), there were
again demonstrations in Tehran in support of Imam Khomeini.
In many other cities and towns of Iran the people went out on
strike. There was no casualty list available, but some 15,000
and 400 people were reported killed in Tehran and in Qom

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روح الله1-2
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