Merrie Melodies - Rhapsody In Rivets


by Necopodalex

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i once heard a radio program that said "Hungarian rhapsody #2" has been in more cartoons than any other classical music! i know of 4 others:
"the cat concerto" with Tom and Jerry,
"the convict concerto" with Woody Woodpecker,
"rabbit rhapsody" with Bugs Bunny,
and a short version was in an Easter cartoon...
By erictheblue March
The animators on this cartoon include Manuel Perez, Cal Dalton, Richard Bickenbach, and Gerry Chiniquy.
By cartoonexpert 8 years ago
its sad art like this is lost, thanx a lot for posting this toon!
By pipolinx 8 years ago
I almost forgot about this cartoon. I just LOVE the Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2!
By PhilDrybones 8 years ago