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    TALK - Roland KWEMAIN - Cameroun


    par AFRICA24

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    Thank you Senator Roland! In 2010 it was on STV Cameroon, you inspired me and i joined JCI organisation; by litsen to you today my conviction grows stronger and i believe i'm a solution to my communitie's problems. Keep inspiring yougth and impacting lives.
    Par ElvicetaffeIl y a 2 ans
    Nshom Oliver
    I'm very impressed of my mentor facts on this video and i agreed with him. It's just very neat and i think it's high time Africa youths daring to bring change in this continent listen to this great advices.Great job dad.
    Par Nshom OliverIl y a 2 ans
    Great interview and a big call to action to the youths, from one of Africa's ambassadors.
    Par JuliusIl y a 2 ans