The Damned - Love Song -PUNK ROCK 1977

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The Damned : Love song !!!!!
Too Punk Rock for ya!

I’ll be the ticket if you’re my collector
I’ve got the fare if you’re my inspector
I’ll be the luggage, if you’ll be the porter
I’ll be the parcel if you’ll be my sorter
Just for you here’s a love song
Just for you here’s a love song
And it makes me glad to say
It’s been a lovely day
And it’s okay
I’ll be the mail, you’ll be the guard
I’ll be the ink on your season ticket card
I’ll be the rubbish, you’ll be the bin
I’ll be the paint on the sign if you’ll be the tin
Its okay
Its okay

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this fabulous neat damned noise never forgotten !
Par solemio93 il y a 7 ans