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    Thomas & The Trucks - Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Magazine Story


    by SmurfyDan

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    Based on the original story by the Rev. W. Awdry
    Adapted for magazine by Andrew Brenner

    Published in Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Issue No. 3
    on November 28th, 1987 by Marvel Comics Ltd.
    Read aloud by Dan5589

    One night Thomas keeps the other engines awake, and grumbles about getting tired of pushing coaches and wants to see the world, although they didn't take notice of his boasting. But he is cheered up when Edward tells him that he will stay in the yard the next day, while Thomas will get to take his trucks for him. The following day arrives, and Thomas feels much happier to start his day to arrange trucks.

    The trucks, however, can be very noisy and silly and they sometimes play tricks on an engine who is not use to them. Edward warns Thomas to be careful on handling trucks, but he is too excited to take his advice. After the trucks were arranged, Thomas is ready to go - but the trucks are not ready and groans at Thomas to wait, but Thomas would not wait as he pulls them out of the yard.

    Thomas is enjoying his journey through Henry's tunnel, while rumbling past field and clattering through stations, but the trucks gets crosser and crosser. And at last, Thomas starts to climb up Gordon's hill with all his might, but the driver makes sure that he have to keep steady with his train. But when they reaches the top and stops, the trucks starts bumping into each other and pushes Thomas down the hill! Thomas tries to stop them from making him going so fast, but the trucks just giggling and continues pushing. Thomas is travelling much too fast to stop at the next station, as they rattles straight through and swerved into the goods yard.

    Thomas shut his eyes and stops - just in front of the buffers. And the Fat Controller tells him that he has got a lot to learn about trucks, and when he will learn more about them as much as Edward, he will be a really useful engine.

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