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You obviously cant read akilleeez or are you just retarded ? I clearly state in my comment that the UFO in this clip is the result of a documentary aired in the UK where they constructed the ufo you see in the footage & fly it via radio control. How do I know this you ask ??? BECAUSE I SAW THE FUCKING DOCUMENTARY, again just to reiterate I SAW THEM MAKE THE UFO IN THEIR DOCUMENTARY !!! IS THAT CLEAR ENOUGH FOR YOU ????? Oh & just to further clarify this for you the documentary was called 'A very British UFO hoax'google it.
Di Gareth Jones 5 anni fa
I agree that many ufo photos and videos are or can be hoaxes, yet this clip doesn't give any clear give-away of being fraudulent. That doesn't mean I have ruled out the possibility of it being a fake. It's easy to label videos fake or authentic--to say it's easy to create such a hoax. It would be nice if you prove it. However, since I have a feeling you won't...then you could have at least explained, with the slightest of detail, as to why you would judge something against its sought motive. Concerns: what makes you think that this video is a fake?; how do you think this video was made?; why one like yourself might deny any natural phenomena for explaining such incidences?; etc. Did you know that clouds of gas could spin fast enough that it appears to be a solid object, even metallic? More so, when you mix certain elements/gasses and do it at high speeds, it is possible to create glowing lights/tinges. Keep in mind, many cases are near airports, military bases, cropped fields, etc.
Di akilleeez 5 anni fa
This is a fake cleverly made for a British TV documentary on how easy it would be to hoax a UFO sighting.
Di Gareth Jones 6 anni fa
Con tutto il rispetto per chi ci crede, se non è appeso da sopra...lo è sicuramente da sotto, ma dai.. non sapete riconoscere un palloncino discoidale camuffato da UFO? poi per giunta con una luce attaccata per rendere un po più credibile il tutto, e come mai non si vede la fine del video? insisto a vedere la fine del video,che sicuramente NON c'è! Ciao..( Il gancio è per terra...)
Di Alessandro 6 anni fa
x Dexh: Tu o qualcun altro mi spiegherebbe come fa ad essere un lampadario appeso... se non c' è il soffitto? Non so se hai visto il video a questo punto, perchè se lo vedi noti che è una ripresa all' esterno: c' è il cielo e pure gli alberi... dove cavolo sta il gancio??
Di Alessandro 6 anni fa
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